FORD Your Way to a MORE Responsive Body

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” — Albert Einstein

Wednesday, 8:35 a.m.
Boulder, CO

I imagine we all want a body that does what we want when we want it. Like a car that has responsive handling, that let’s you feel the road. When we don’t take care of our cars, the steering and suspension get loose, they no longer respond like they once did. A trip to the mechanic can fix these problems. This is regular maintenance. If we let them go too long, then our car breaks down.

Our bodies function in much the same way. However, we get stiffer and less mobile, rather than loose, when we don’t take care of ourselves. This can happen when we push ourselves too hard. We go for a ten mile run or play tennis all day, for example, even though we haven’t exercised in months… or years in some cases. What does our body do? It stiffens up and our muscles become sore. We wind up not being able to move at all. The same thing happens, when we exercise too little or not at all; we spend all day sitting just to get home and sit some more. We feel creaky.

A responsive body is created through discovering the right balance of activity and rest. We all have different goals for what we want physically. For some it is to look good in our swim suit; for others it is to lose some pounds so we can fit into our favorite pair of jeans. Maybe some of you want to take an “active” vacation, like mountain biking in Scotland, or maybe your training for your first marathon.

Whatever your goals, finding the right balance between activity and rest is paramount to your success.

FORD… Fix Or Repair Daily… is a useful acronym I learned recently. It can help you find your balance and reach your exercise goals. F… O… R… D is a simple reminder and it works in three ways:

First, FORD reminds us to become aware of what our body is telling us:

“Is that pain in my ankle, knee, shoulder or what have you a real injury? Or is it just sore?”

Put another way…

“Are you sore, or are you injured?”

Awareness is the first step to creating a body that responds positively when you ask it too.

Second, FORD is what our body does naturally. Everyday it repairs damaged cells and tissue. The critical role, you and I play is providing our body the opportunity to do just that by…

stretching, icing, massaging, and resting

as well as giving it…

plenty of liquid, proper nutrients, and so on and so forth.

When we fail to do this our body does the best it can with what it has. So to create the responsive body that we want we must provide our body with the proper nutrition, rest and attention it needs.

Three, FORD also reminds us to address the unresolved issues in our lives. We will never function at our best if we let these stressors linger.

They suck energy — literally.

If you have unresolved issues, put them to rest pronto.

Remember, our mind plays tricks on us. It resists all our efforts to improve ourselves. It finds ways to keep us from Fixing Or Repairing Daily. And it has a good argument. Almost no one likes to FORD. It isn’t fun. There is always something else to do.¬†We must become partners with our bodies to create the results we want. Our bodies can’t and wont become responsive on their own.

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