It’s GOOD to be YOU

“Do not try to be anything but what you are, and try to do that perfectly.” — St. Francis de Sales

Boulder, CO

Everyday we are bombarded by advertisements. They suggest to us how we should look, what we should wear, what car to drive. Unless you live in a house with no television and no radio, and you never leave your house, it is virtually impossible not to be exposed to some level of advertising every day.

Many of us have discovered the joy of the DVR or Digital Video Recorder. The DVR is a testament to human ingenuity. It records television shows, which you can then watch later and fast forward through the commercials. Unfortunately, this system is limited to what you can record. It cannot help with all the other advertisements and influences that clog our auditory and visual senses every moment of everyday.

The system we naturally have works much like a DVR, yet is far superior. When functioning properly, it receives information and discards what’s irrelevant. Sadly though, many of us have faulty systems. We’ve become so accustomed to getting validation of who we are from the outside world that we have lost FAITH in ourselves. We’ve lost the capacity to make choices for ourselves. We look to advertisers and the external world to tell us who we should be.

Mental resilience is our built-in DVR. As we receive information — good, bad or indifferent — it helps us choose what to pay attention to and what to skip. It helps us choose the thoughts we want to focus on. In other words, mental resilience helps us think good instead of evil. When it feels like the entire world is against you, mental resilience helps you see the good instead of the bad.¬†Mental resilience helps you persevere when faced with the worlds doubt and cynicism and negativity.

In a nutshell, mental resilience is faith and belief in yourself despite what the outside world or circumstances might be telling you.

Remember, there is only one of you in the entire world. There has never been anyone like you and there never will be. Just as there has never been anyone like me and never will be.


That it is why it is so important to be yourself. That is why it is so important to NOT try and be anything but who you are. Mental resilience, perseverance, and faith all mean and do the same thing. They help you stay true to yourself.

“Do not try to be anything but what you are…”¬†

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