The Ending of Your Teen’s Life

“In my ending is my beginning.” — T.S. Eliot

Boulder, CO

The start of a new year is a perfect opportunity to start new things. It is one of the reasons New Year’s Resolutions are so popular. There is energy, excitement and the thrill of the unknown when starting something new. The very process of learning or doing something new for the first time possess astounding potency to captivate our attention. Yet most resolutions see little to no follow-through.

Follow-through requires work and perseverance and determination. The thrill of the unknown is gone and all that is left is the reality of how much more work is left to be done.

Parents experience the novelty and excitement of having a young child. There is so much to learn for both parent and child. A child’s excitement about learning is contagious, and many new parents strive to learn how to be “good” parents. These satisfying feelings can last through to the pre-teen years. This is due, in large part, to kids and parents settling into a comfortable routine that works for everyone.

But then the pre-teen and teen years come and all bets are off. Many parents lose their interest in replaying the “terrible twos” as the “terrible teens”. They get into the mindset of when will this be over. Yet this is one of the most crucial times for parents to influence their children. It’s an opportunity not to be lost.

Adulthood comes faster than we can ever imagine. The decisions our children start to make in their teen years can and often do spill over into their adult lives. Our children are already a dozen decisions into adulthood before they or we even realize it. This is why parental follow-through is so important when it comes to the teen years.

It is incredibly easy for parents to slip into indifference, during this pivotal period of a child’s life. A sense of hopelessness can overcome parents as the their children spread their wings and test the boundaries. This is when determination and perseverance, the hallmarks of follow-through are most needed. Your children are about to cross the threshold to adulthood. It is possibly your last opportunity to influence them in a meaningful way.

As we start the new year I challenge you to think about how to end this most crucial phase of your child’s life — making the transition from child to adult. Once your children are out of your house, literally of figuratively, then their decisions are theirs and theirs alone. Make the effort to guide your children in a positive direction. Resolve to follow-through as a parent and show your children, in anyway you can, how every decision they make today influences the direction their lives will take tomorrow.

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