Do You Make These Mistakes in Parenting?

Sunday, 1:08 pm
Boulder, CO

Remarkable new method has enabled parents
correct their mistakes in parenting. Only 15
minutes a
day required to improve how you parent.

Many parents say, “You are rude to interrupt.” They should say, “When you interrupt me, I feel angry.” Some “Talk At” their teens. Still others say, “you don’t care about anybody but yourself. you should be ashamed,” instead of saying, “when you keep ignoring me, and what I am telling you to do, I feel furious.” It is astonishing how often parents ask questions and then don’t listen to the answer, and how frequently they focus on behavior rather than on the relationship. Few know how to identify thoughts and feelings. Many parents use only external control — punishment, reward, manipulation. Their behavior and their parenting are weak, ineffective, ordinary.

Every time they talk or act they show themselves lacking in the essential skills of parenting.

Discover New Ways To Parent

For many years researchers have studied the problem of creating instinctive habits of good parenting. After countless experiments researchers have finally invented a simple method by which you can acquire a better command of essential parenting skills in under 15 minutes a day. Now you can stop making the mistakes which have been hurting you. Parents have secured more improvement in five weeks than previously had been obtained by other parents in two years!

Learn By Habit – Not Rules

Under old methods rules are memorized, but correct habits are not formed. Finally the rules themselves are forgotten. The new method provides for the formation of correct habits by calling to your attention constantly only the mistakes you yourself make.

One of the wonderful things about this method is the speed with which these habit forming practice drills can be carried out. You can write the answers to fifty questions in 15 minutes and correct your work in 5 minutes more. The drudgery and work of reading countless books have been ended. You concentrate always on your own mistakes until it becomes “second nature” to parent correctly.

FREE – Book On Parenting

A new book explaining this remarkable method is ready. If you are ever embarrassed by mistakes in parenting, or you cannot instantly command the exact words with which to express your ideas, this new free book, “How You Can Master Good Parenting — In 15 Minutes a Day,” will prove a revelation to you. Fill in your Name and Email below for it now. No agent will call.



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