"Henry has a breadth of life experience that makes him able to talk about almost anything to almost anybody. He will bring wisdom, guidance, and joy to the many teenagers that he will mentor."

Alison & Tom

"Henry’s great strength is his versatility. He has the ability to connect with almost anyone, especially those who are “different” or maybe seen as "different". His warm and open heart accepts you as you are and where you are, but at the same time he encourages you to push yourself, to become a better you."


"I have known Henry for almost twenty years now and can attest to the fact that his gifts both as a listener and thoughtful guide have cemented his reputation as a person one can count on. While these attributes always seemed prevalent to me, I know it took Henry some time and struggle to realize how important they would become in his life. His desire to unfailingly search for the truths in life that would determine his calling is another facet of Henry’s personality that has garnered my respect. The experience he gained from this exploit is what makes him such a fantastic mentor. Henry knows that putting in the effort needed to develop a firm grasp of a given situation enables him to create a variety approaches to attempt in order to reach a successful conclusion. This combination of patience, careful observation, and determination allow Henry to instill confidence in those around him. What makes this ability even more powerful is the fact that the confidence accrued is recognized as the end result of one’s self discovery with Henry as a catalyst as opposed to a superficial complement that has little lasting impact. I value my friendship with Henry a great deal and have spent a many hours over the years taking advantage of his good graces to try and make sense of my own life hurdles. The thing that’s so nice about these conversations is that fact that when they’re over, I am always left with a strong sense of hope. Thank you Henry! "


"Henry genuinely wants you, wants everyone to succeed. He will bend over backwards to support you and your goals, but he wont do it for you. You must be prepared and willing to do what is necessary to get where you want go. What makes this easy, though, is that Henry is there every step of the way doing the same thing, doing the same work for himself that he is asking you to do for yourself."


"When I first met Henry I had a hard time believing that he was in the Marines; and not just in the Marines but in charge of a platoon of Marines. His kindness and compassion for others belies the commitment and determination it must take to succeed in an organization that prides itself on its "warrior" mentality. Henry brings both sides to his work as a mentor, and this is what makes him so effective at helping teens work through the difficult and often confusing issues they face everyday"


"Henry is a very sensitive and thoughtful person. I am especially touched, in my memory, by how supportive he was with my sister and her daughter; he showed deep love and caring for both of them. He became close with my sister's daughter, Janiva, when she needed a good role model. I was very impressed by how down-to-earth he was with Janiva. 

He fit right in like part of their family in ways I, myself, was struggling to do. I am very fond of Henry and have always felt that he was on my level with compassion and good humor. He is this way with most everyone he meets."


" I was very impressed by how down-to-earth... " Elisabeth

" Henry’s great strength is his versatility..." Gary

" Henry is there every step of the way..." Jeffery